Top Rated T Boosters for 2014

I researched each booster on the market, especially looking for effective ingredients and user results. Below you can find the results of that research including which boosters I recommend for muscle gain and low T. Plus you can read my reviews of other products on the market.

1. For Bodybuilding and Muscle Gain: TestoFuel  – read my review

Top Rated test booster


2. For Low T. Including Energy, Libido and Mood Boosts: Prime Male – read my review

No.1 Rated Booster for Low T:


Other Products I Reviewed But Didn’t Make The Cut:

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Which Product Did I Choose? 


TestoFuel –  see my review


TestoFuel ticked all my ingredient boxes. Natural ingredients inlcuding D-aspartic acid, Zinc, Magnesium, vitamin B12, and vitamin D. All the ingredients that are scientifically proven to increase the manufacture of testosterone in the body.


User Results

Test booster review

TestoFuel Feedback



I like how TestoFuel provided full transparency. They include all the ingredients on their website plus they make the conditions of things like their 90 day money back guarantee pretty clear. They have a no-bullshit product that has been proven to work.

Value for Money

TestoFuel is not the cheapest in the market but it is not the most expensive either – sitting somewhere in the middle. Like I said earlier, when my health and body is at stake I’m not worried about saving a few bucks – I would rather take no risks. Overall I think it is a fair price and it doesn’t really break the bank.

I especially like their “Ultimate Muscle Gainer’s Package” – it is a pretty good deal compared to the competition. Basically you get 4 boxes for the price of 3 plus some other free stuff.

They do a 90 day money back guarantee which for me is pretty awesome. It could be worth trying out and then claiming your money back if it doesn’t work for you.

You can only buy the product from the official site.

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Choosing The Right Testosterone Supplement

There are plenty of ineffective boosters on the market that give this product type a bad name. This comes down to making sure you do your research, find out which brands are legit and contain the right ingredients. Basically, it all comes down to ingredients. I spent a long time trolling through scientific studies and researching ingredients – you can find my research notes here.

Essentially you want something that has scientifically proven ingredients + ingredients that are all-natural so that you won’t get any nasty side-effects.

It’s important to note, you may already have naturally high levels of testosterone in which case you probably don’t need to get into boosters. You can always check this by visiting your doctor and getting a test done. Although as a rule, if you are struggling to pack on muscle despite a solid workout routine its probably a sign you should be looking to increase your levels of free range testosterone.


My Highest Rated Test Booster for 2014:

By process of elimination I eventually settled on TestoFuel.


I’ve done an in-depth testofuel review here. This product has all-natural ingredients that my scientific research suggests are the most effective on the market. It also has loads of great user reviews and results. Overall I would recommend Testofuel and personally use this product myself.

Click Here to Get TestoFuel With the 90 Day Money Back Guarantee







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