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Editors Top Pick – Norton 360 Premier Edition

norton-360-premier-editionThe Norton family of products are tried and tested. For total Internet security and online protection, you cannot go wrong with Norton.

  • 5 Patented layers of protection
  • Live 24-7 threat monitoring
  • Integrated Antivirus & Antispyware
  • Smart two-way firewall
  • …and much more

For more details visit http://www.norton.com/360

My Computer’s a Slowcoach. On 3 Wheels

A computer running slow is just as welcome as a puncture on your way to an interview. And how do you sort it and stop it happening again – honestly? It can be difficult! But what you can definitely do here, is speed up your laptop, back to its old self, very quickly and easily right now. And stop a lot more of these computer punctures in the future.

Diagnose What’s Up – Easily!

Yes you can do this. Which is good, because unless you can diagnose what’s slowing down your PC, the fixing bit will be hit and miss. Mostly miss, and just a few hits. These articles give you everything you need to quickly become good at understanding, diagnosing and curing the problem. We’ve been sure to cover everything, in an easy to understand style, all presented in a logical order of service. For fairly inexperienced users, everything’s there; for the more expert, you can very usefully grab the checklists.

Get the Full Story, or Cut to the Chase

If as most people you’re frustrated at the problem but short on time, it’s easy to pull from the articles the steps to diagnose, and then all the steps you need to take to fix. For those who can also spend a few more minutes to gain valuable background, we explain for you exactly how your computer works, but in figurative and generic terms. So then you’re clear; but not bored stiff with tech jargon. You should find the style and some of our terms entertaining too.

Your Alternatives, and Avoiding Gotchas

All the nasties that can make your computer run slowly are discussed and detailed. From cookies and adware, to spyware, to malware. And viruses too. We also point out many other useful things that are pretty important to know. For example, what not to do at various stages, if you’re not an expert, so you can keep well away from actions on your computer settings which may seem innocuous, but could make your problems worse. We even cover why it’s so dangerously tempting at times to just rush out and drop another load of your hard earned on a new laptop. And there are some alternate ways of perhaps looking at this again. And of course we show you all the alternatives you have in fixing your PC – and that’s hopefully once and for all.

“Why is my computer so slow?”

For more information about spyware here is a wikipedia definition. This site will explore various issues around spyware, antivirus and software solutions. Software such as the well known Norton 360, McAfee Total Protection and other lesser known brands like Ad-Aware and Spyzooka.

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Spyware, Antivirus Software & PC Protection
Introduction to Axioinc and spyware, antivirus software & PC protection suites that are available online.